• Hide Unwanted Noise from Freeway, Busy Streets, etc. 

Unfortunately, living in an area that is very noisy will decrease the value of your property because it is seen as disturbing the peace. Do not worry! There is a simple way of fixing that problem and the solution is to add a waterfall in your backyard. The noise from the stream will drown out the cars driving on a busy street and you are left with a soothing stream. Waterfalls offer you a feeling of relaxation and will bring the peace to your home that you are looking for.

  • Increase Home Value

Having a water features such as ponds, waterfalls, pools, fountains, etc., will increase the overall home value on your property.  These water features make your home more inviting and set your home apart from the others. These features can be seen as luxury features and will increase your curb appeal. Fun fact: It has been found that people visiting stay longer at a home when there is a water feature present in their backyard. 

  • Attract Wildlife

These water features will also attract wildlife to your property. You may catch some birds drinking water out of your fountain. Beautiful wildlife such as hummingbirds or  dragonflies are in search for water and may give your home a visit. For example, you can add beautiful water plants or even house Koi Fish if you have a pond.  

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