Artificial Turf Sacramento CA can be a great alternative to natural lawns for homeowners, and offers a wide range of long-term benefits. Thinking about making the switch? Check out our short list of benefits to see if artificial grass may be the right choice for your home. 

1. Doesn’t Require Irrigation or Mowing

This one’s obvious, but still important to acknowledge! Natural lawns require time and maintenance that many homeowners don’t have the time and money to upkeep. Water, mowing equipment, and fertilizer all pose ongoing costs that can easily be avoided by opting for artificial turf.

2. Maintains Color and Thickness Year Round

Even with all of this maintenance, it can still be difficult to ensure a lawn area remains the right height and color season to season. Artificial turf provides a lush, perfectly green colored lawn area no matter the weather! Plus, the burden of the hard work this would otherwise require is lifted from already busy homeowners. 

3. Won’t be Damaged by Pets

Though we love our furry friends, pets can create some real issues for homeowners trying  to maintain natural lawns. Dogs love time in the outdoors, but can get a little too excited, digging holes, and leaving spots that can result in dead or discolored grass with natural lawns. Opting for artificial turf also ensures pets- and people for that matter- aren’t being exposed to any potentially harmful pesticides or lawn chemicals. 

4. Helps Fight Drought

Saving thousands of gallons of water each month, artificial turf installation Sacramento CA can have major impacts on the environment in the long term. This is especially relevant to Sacramento homeowners, as California, in particular, suffers from regular droughts. Staying away from purely ornamental natural grass lawns is a substantive way to help fight drought in your community. 

5. Better for Allergies

Grass is one of the most common sources of allergies, especially as the weather warms up. This shouldn’t mean spending less time in your own outdoor space! Artificial grass can be an excellent way to mitigate symptoms for those with allergies. 


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