Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf Lawns

When designing your yard, it is important to consider all of the alternatives before making a decision. Depending on your preference, landscaping designs, family, yard size, and budget, will determine if you would be better fit for artificial turf Sacramento CA grass or natural grass. Check out the six pros and cons for why you should or should not install artificial turf Auburn CA in your yard.




They are environmentally friendly.

No watering, no power equipment, and no fertilizers or chemicals, means less pollution to the earth. As people are becoming more aware of the dangers they may have on the environment, switching to smart homes and eco-friendly living alternatives, such as artificial turf, are becoming of greater consideration.


They are green year round.

Being artificial, artificial turf sacramento ca does not die like real grass. This lush green-ness makes it extremely easy to be installed into any yard design without fear of it growing into a crazy mess or it being a hassle to maintain. This also aids in the overall beauty or aesthetic of your yard.


They are low maintenance.

Artificial lawns are not completely self-sufficient and do require occasional maintenance such as cleaning the dust and debris off of it, similar to an outdoor rug. Also, when it comes to pets and animal waste, your dog’s urine will be able to drain out similar to rain water; however, with solid waste, you will need to pick it up as you would at a park, and lift and rinse away. 




They get hot.

Artificial turf absorbs heat. If the temperature is extremely hot in the summer, unlike a real plant, your artificial turf won’t be able to emit any water, giving off a cooling feeling. This can be dangerous for young children and adults, as it can burn skin.


They are rough.

Turf burns are real. If you see any athletes come off of the field with large wounds, it’s usually not from their opponents, it’s from the turf. Artificial turf is not as soft as natural grass and can be a great irritation to skin. You can always test out a sample before you dive into purchasing some of your own.


They have a higher upfront cost.

Purchasing artificial turf is an investment. Seeding and laying down sod are the other two alternatives to getting artificial turf and they are cheaper. They require a lesser upfront investment; however, artificial turf is cheaper in the long run due to the lower maintenance costs.


For more information on the right lawn option for you, contact Aronson Landscape, a landscaping company Sacramento, and receive a free estimate.