Why Commercial Landscape Maintenance is Important For Your Business

Services Add Curb Appeal, Attract Talented Employees and Customers


Does your Sacramento, CA, business want to make a great impression on customers, residents, and visitors? With commercial landscaping Sacramento CA businesses can improve their curb appeal and more. With the right commercial landscape Sacramento CA businesses have a real advantage and can attract new business and great ratings. For affordable commercial landscaping Sacramento CA companies turn to Aronson Landscape for expert design, maintenance, and repair services.

Why the maxim states we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the reality is that people will evaluate your property based on what they see when they approach and first arrive at your business location. Impressions matter, whether you’re attracting new residents to a condo complex, new members to a golf course or country club, or customers to a shopping complex.

Commercial landscaping Sacramento CA residents notice, for good reasons, can raise eyebrow. Clean, manicured lawns, cleared paths and driveways that are in good repair, and well maintained flower, bush, and tree beds cast an impression. These traits indicate that the businesses and services are quality and professional.

Similarly if the commercial landscape Sacramento CA residents and visitors see is in poor shape, unkempt, or poorly maintained, a message is also sent. Such shoddy landscaping sends visitors a different impression…

one that is not likely to attract visitors or customers.

Impact on Employees

Employees want to work in an environment that’s well maintained and has hardscapes and other features that they can enjoy on breaks and in quiet moments. Workers in a well-maintained property are likely to be happier, more productive, and more engaged in their work. Great commercial landscaping helps your business attract and retain great employees. Those employees will be inspired, innovative, and healthier.

Commercial landscaping has many other advantages for your company beyond the impact on customers, visitors, and employees:

  • Resale value. When you are ready to sell your business, having a great commercial landscape will improve the sale value and interest of potential buyers. Neglecting landscaping maintenance means either lower sales prices or expensive costs to bring the property up to the proper quality to put the business for sale.
  • Healthy ecosystem. With the proper care, your trees, shrubs, flowers, and laws are going to be stronger and healthier. That means less long-term expense to repair, prune, maintain, and replace the greenery.
  • Reduced costs. When you’ve invested in proper maintenance of your commercial landscaping, you’ll have fewer long term costs. Consider, for example, your irrigation system. When your commercial landscape maintenance plan includes regular inspection of the pipes, sensors, and valves you will save on utility costs and replacement needs.

For affordable commercial landscaping Sacramento CA property managers and business owners alike count on Aronson Landscape to do commercial landscape design and maintenance. Our clients include office parks and retail centers, apartment and condo complexes, government buildings, schools, medical facilities, and corporate headquarters. Let Aronson Landscape help your Sacramento, CA, business make a big impact for visitors and employees.