The summer months are a great time to look into new landscape design Sacramento CA to spruce up your space. With the extra time on your hands you can ensure your landscaping looks its best during those warm summer months by following a few steps!


Do fertilize

In order for plants to flourish and look their best they must be fed the right nutrients! Learning about the different plants in your landscaping is the most important part of keeping them healthy and happy. This will also advise you on how much fertilizer your specific plants need to keep them blooming to produce fruit for you.


Don’t forget to prune

Pruning is essential for the safety, appearance and health of your landscape. Regularly keeping up with the pruning of trees will prevent the dangers of falling branches and keep your trees growing. This is especially great for fruit trees during the summertime to boost growth and 


Don’t water during the hottest time of day

You may think watering your backyard during the hottest time of day would be a good time to keep your plants and yard for best hydration. This however is not the best idea because the water will likely evaporate before reaching the soil. You should also have a set watering schedule and make sure your yard is being deeply watered.


Do have a professional prepare you landscaping

The best way to avoid any issues with your landscape architecture Sacramento CA this summer is to contact a professional to advise you beforehand. Each yard is unique and has plants that need different care so getting advise from a professional here at Aronson Landscape would be your best bet!


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