Save Water While Maintaining a Healthy Landscape

The dangers of dry landscaping are all too real for Sacramento business owners and property managers. Working with the right irrigation company Sacramento CA businesses can use new technologies and preventative maintenance to save money and water. To present the ideal commercial landscape Sacramento CA properties should have state-of-the-art solutions that provide better coverage and more efficient watering. If you’re looking for the commercial irrigation company Sacramento CA businesses turn to, see what Aronson Landscape has to offer.

New Sacramento Program Saves Businesses Money

The city of Sacramento is offering Water Wise Rebates designed to encourage commercial, industrial and institutional businesses to invest in water-saving improvements. The program makes 2019 the ideal time to contact the commercial irrigation company Sacramento CA businesses choose for exceptional service and innovative solutions.

To qualify for the rebates, businesses must have water service provided by the city and agree to a pre-installation audit (a free service).

The outdoor rebates and services include:

  • Converting existing grass in the front of your business with Water Wise landscaping (rebates up to $1 per square foot of replaced turf to a maximum of $50,000)
  • Irrigation upgrades to drip irrigation, rotary heads and high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles using EPA WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controllers ($800 — $400 for conversion materials and $400 for smart irrigation controllers)
  • Labor reimbursement of up to $150 if performed by a licensed landscaping contractor
  • Two hours of consulting with a city-approved landscape designer

To qualify, the converted area must at least 60 percent (at plant maturity) of non-invasive, river-friendly plants for groundcover, shrubs and trees.

This program offers extraordinary savings for your business.

Commercial Landscaping Sacramento CA

Innovative Irrigation Program Protects and Strengthens Landscapes

At Aronson Landscape, we offer a range of innovative irrigation solutions that qualify for the Sacramento rebate program, including:

  • Drip irrigation systems that reduce water and fertilizing costs. Drip irrigation lets water drip slowly onto roots plant and flower surfaces and roots. We recommend rotary nozzles that reduce water waste and increase the water coverage area, reducing the need for additional watering zones and accelerating installation. You’ll prevent over-spraying and wasting water in areas that don’t need it with the irrigation company Sacramento CA chooses first.
  • Advanced management tools to save water, time and money, including:
    • Smart controllers that adjust water dispersion based on weather readings
    • Soil moisture sensors to ensure that flowers, plants, shrubs and trees get the right about of water
    • Rainfall shutoff devices that detect rain and shut off irrigation
  • An irrigation preventative maintenance program that ensures your solution is working at peak performance and that needed repairs or replacements are detected and addressed quickly.
  • Fire prevention services to protect your business with the right design and services. With a preventative commercial landscape Sacramento CA business can create a defensible space between your properties and landscaping, manage downhill slopes, prevent crown and ground fires, complete weed eating processes safely, and reduce the volume and continuity of fire fuel.

At Aronson Landscape, we are committed to protecting our natural resources and helping your business with solutions that save you water and money. To learn more, contact us today.

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