Everyone loves hanging out around the outdoor BBQ area, so you want to keep it in great condition through any kind of weather.

If you made the choice to invest in an outdoor BBQ space that you’re absolutely in love with, you want to make sure that it stays in great condition for as long as possible, don’t you? Here are some of our top tips to keep it in good shape for years to come.

Make sure to choose the right covers.
To keep your outdoor BBQ in Auburn, CA in great condition, you’ll need the right cover for it. The right cover will protect your grill in all types of weather. From extreme heat to freezing cold, snow, rain, and everything in between. The best covers are made from heavy-duty, waterproof materials like vinyl, polyester, nylon, and canvas. Look for BBQ covers that also have a UV-resistant coating so that they won’t crack after being in the sun for a long period of time.

Seal all of your wood surfaces.
What kind of surface is your outdoor BBQ in Sacramento, CA sitting on? Especially if it’s on some type of wood decking, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly sealed. So what is deck sealer? It’s a clear coat that when applied to the wood penetrates deep down and forms a clear film on the surface but keeps a natural-looking finish. The sealer locks out excess moisture that could cause your deck to rot, and ruin your outdoor BBQ area. The good news is that sealing your deck is a fairly simple DIY process that you can do in about a day.

Install an over-head cover or pergola.
Another layer of protection for your BBQ area is to have it covered. Design and installation are part of our landscaping services in Sacramento CA and we would be happy to help you choose a cover that is both functional and attractive. Pergolas are often a nice option because they can attach to the main structure of your home or be free-standing. Our team of experts at Aronson Landscapes will walk you through all of your design options. To learn more and make sure that your outdoor BBQ area will be in great shape for years to come, contact us today.