4 Things You Need to Know About Landscaping Auburn CA

Your exterior can make or break your home and business. It is the first impression and can have a serious effect on your customer’s or home visitor’s perception of you. By dedicating time and money to the development and maintenance of your exterior, you will see an improvement regarding the public’s opinion of you. From residential landscape design Sacramento to residential landscape install Sacramento, Aronson is here to take the stress away from this important process. The following are 4 things we recommend you know about all things Landscaping Auburn CA:

  1. Examine the site: It is important to examine the site and assess the topography, soil, sun/shade, and utility. The professional you consult will then make recommendations and develop a design based of your budget and other constraints.

  2. What is the area used for: When beginning the planning process it is important to take into consideration who is using your outdoor area and for what purpose. This will help your professional landscaper develop a plan that accommodates your everyday needs. Whether you want extra grass for your pet to run around in, a front yard that showcases your gardening skills, or generous shade to cut energy bills, all of this is a crucial component of the development process.

  3. Hardscaping: Hardscaping is the process of incorporating entities such as walkways, driveways, pools, play structures, water features, and more within the general landscape of the area. Within hardscaping, you will need to take into consideration different types of materials that will compliment the design, color, weather ailments and other relevant factors. The process is also extremely costly so take into consideration the price component within your budget.

  4. Unity: The last thing to consider is the overall unity and flow of your outdoor design. A professional will ensure that the appropriate amount of balance and scale is incorporated within the varying levels of trees, shrubs, and structures. Have trust in the process, but also feel inclined to interject if something looks out of place.

For more information regarding landscape Auburn CA or to get your outdoor area fixed up today – contact Aronson Landscapes!