Landscaping Auburn 101: What all Residential Homeowners Should Know

Understand Your Property, Your Lifestyle, and Your Budget


For residential landscaping Auburn, CA homeowners have lots of options. From functional designs that use hardscapes to enhancements like paver patios that help improve the social space, you want an Auburn, CA landscaper who will be a creative partner to give you the yard of your dreams.

Here are a few tips to consider from Aronson Landscaping, a top Auburn, CA landscape:

  • Know Your Property. Do you understand the strengths and challenges of your property? Are there sloping hills that cause an issue for drainage? Are there microclimates where sun, wind, or moisture have a major impact? Which areas are frequently traversed? Understanding these features helps you and your landscape designer create the right solutions.
  • What Do You Want? How do you want to use the property? Will it be used for entertainment or children playing? Will the landscape design be used to create pretty vistas or promote garden growth?
  • Have a Plan … and Flexibility. When creating new landscaping Auburn homeowners should go into the project with an idea of what they want to do. But part of the advantage of using a commercial landscaper is to be open to the ideas and experience they bring. Having an open mind can help give your yard a solution that goes beyond your initial inclination.
  • Consider Irrigation. Installing a simple drip irrigation system helps keep your lawn healthy and hydrated.
  • Linkages and Spaces. Just like in your home, you want to create distinct areas and spaces within your landscaping, along with ways to link and connect those spaces with walkways, paths, and hardscapes.
  • Plants Equal Structure. Plants can be used in many ways within your landscape. They can produce fruits and vegetables, be used as scenery provide lovely scents, act as barriers to landscapes, and frame the property or an area of the property. Plants and trees can be used in various visual planes to create archways, block or provide light, or create layers.
  • Think About Maintenance. Create a landscaping plan that can be supported by the proper level of maintenance. If you select the same company to create your landscape design, you can usually use them to do the maintenance work. Having the same company do both tasks helps you maintain consistency and history among those caring for your property.
  • Consider Long Term and Short Term. When you create your landscape design, consider the plants and trees and flower beds you install for both the long-term and the short term. Understand how big your plantings will get and consider the impact on your property over time.
  • Use Hardscapes. In addition to plants, you can use a range of hardscapes to create beautiful vistas and function. Water features such as fountains, bubblers, and ponds can add beauty and calm to the property, Decks, fences, paver patios, and walls add function and form.

Aronson Landscape Inc. offers residential design, installation and maintenance services for Auburn, CA and area homeowners.