After receiving new landscaping there are several tips to follow for longevity and lawn maintenance Sacramento CA. If the newly landscaped area is properly maintained it will last longer and save money in the long run! Landscaping is an investment which can be preserved if a few simple steps are followed!

Prune Shrubs

Any shrubs or dead branches should be removed from the landscaping. If you need to prune live branches and aren’t educated on how to properly do so it is important to contact landscaping companies Sacramento CA such as Aronson Landscaping

Clean the Lawn

Spring and Summer is the best time to give your lawn some extra love! Thoroughly cleaning your lawn on a regular basis will help the landscaping last longer and look better overall. This includes immediately picking up dog poop and removing debris.

Test your soil

Every few years it is important to test the pH of your soil to ensure that it is getting the right neutriance and it is able to give your plants the most beauty possible! Landscaping companies Sacramento CA and lawn maintenance Sacramento CA can easily help with determining your soils pH if needed.

Check your irrigation system

When the weather is warm it is a great time to take a better look at your irrigation system. This is the ideal time to make sure it is working properly and doesn’t have any issues you didn’t notice during the winter time.


Make sure to educate yourself on the type of fertilizer your landscaping is created with. Some fertilizers can last for an entire season and do not need to be added to. Overfertilizing can lead to many problems and harm to your plants.

To learn more about landscaping options and care or lawn maintenance Sacramento CA visit Aronson Landscaping.