Stay On Top Of Your Fall Maintenance With Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA

Aronson Landscape Helps Keep Lawns Healthy and Strong For Year-Round Beauty


Fall is an important time for your Sacramento CA residential landscaping. There are many things you can do to ensure your lawn and beds stay strong and healthy by using the service for residential landscaping Sacramento CA homeowners have relied on for years. In addition to landscape maintenance, Aronson Landscape provides landscape design Sacramento residents trust. Whether it’s new irrigation systems or installation of hardscapes like paver patios, Sacramento homes gain beauty and value with Aronson Landscape as your trusted partner.

Here are a few of the best fall tips for residential landscaping Sacramento CA homeowners should consider:

  • Lawn seeding. Fall is a great time to fix those patchy areas where your grass is gone or sparse. By seeding your lawn in the fall, it will be ready to grow when the warmer weather returns next spring. Light watering during the autumn helps to strengthen root systems
  • Fertilization. When you fertilize your lawn in cooler weather, it promotes better absorption of nutrients, especially for ryegrass and bluegrass, before the winter season begins. This leaves your lawn stronger and better prepared for the spring growth season.
  • Tackle weeds. Some weeds, unfortunately, are perennial pests. Attacking these weeds, such as clover and dandelions, in the fall helps to keep them at bay and from spreading, as can easily occur even in the fall and winter.
  • Repair Damage. Over the course of an active spring and summer, your lawn may be damaged. Bald patches and dead grass should be addressed every fall to ensure your lawn is at its best when the calendar turns.
  • Look for thatch. Thatch is a mixture of dead organic material mixed in with living plants that can lead to lawn diseases and attract insects. It’s often caused by overwatering or overfertilization. A skilled landscaper can test for thatch and remove it in the fall months.
  • Aeration. Aeration will loosen the soil, allowing for better penetration of nutrients and water while improving drainage throughout the property.
  • Adding topsoil. A thin layer of soil or compost added to your lawn adds nutrients and improves long-term growth for your grass. The top dressing layer should include a mix of sand, peat, and loam that is raked into the lawn.
  • Prune and trim. The fall is a great time to give your bushes and trees a little TLC. Trimming your bushes and perennial flowers in the fall lets them start the spring with fresh, new leaves and branches from the outset.

Aronson Landscape is the trusted provider of residential landscape maintenance and landscape design Sacramento homeowners turn to each fall to protect and strengthen their lawns. Autumn is also an ideal time to consider hardscape installations such as fences, swimming pool, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, paver patios, curbs, gutters, and columns. For residential landscaping Sacramento CA in the fall and all year, count on our experienced teams to keep your property healthy and beautiful.