Have you ever considered artificial grass? Maybe you’re concerned about having “fake grass” however there are numerous benefits when it comes to installing artificial turf. Artificial grass technology has increased throughout the years and now feels and looks just like the real thing. Here are five benefits that artificial grass offers. 


  1. No Water

One of the most obvious benefits to artificial turf is that it never needs to be watered. A traditional lawn could sometimes require being watered twice a day in order to look lush and green. The only time artificial grass will need to be watered is for occasional maintenance to keep the turf clean. Artificial grass is great for conserving water and will save you money on your water bill. 


  1. Don’t Need to Mow 

Majority of people look at mowing the lawn as a tiring chore. However with artificial grass you won’t need to worry about mowing your lawn once a week to keep its length. Instead of just checking off the box for this chore, you’ll be able to forget about the chore completely once you install artificial turf. 


  1. Durability 

Artificial grass is extremely durable and resilient. Modern artificial turf contains numerous materials that help keep it resistant to wear and tear. No matter the climate or weather, artificial grass is able to withstand discoloration. In addition, artificial grass has a lifespan of about 15-20 years making it very durable and long lasting. 


  1. Pet Friendly 

Artificial grass is perfectly safe for your pets. Not only is it safe but it’s a lot easier to clean up after them too. Artificial grass does not absorb pet waste and will not damage the turf. Pet waste can easily be scooped up and the turf can be washed down with the hose. Artificial grass is also great at withstanding dog’s play time and digging. 


  1. No Weeds 

In addition to not having to water or mow your lawn, artificial grass also prevents maintaining weeds. There are numerous weeds that can destroy your natural lawn. Maintaining weeds can take up a lot of time and money however, they won’t be much of a concern with artificial grass. 

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