06 Dec 2020
landscaping designer Sacramento CA

Winter Landscaping Tips

Winter is finally here and it is the perfect time to work with a landscaping designer Sacramento CA to make sure your landscaping is prepared for the cold months ahead. Follow these tips to ensure your property stays looking great all year long!


Continue to Water

Make sure to keep up with watering this winter. Just because the temperature is colder and there might be more rainy days, watering is still essential maintenance. If watering becomes neglected, it could cause your plants to become weaker and more likely to get diseases. 



The winter weather can be tough on landscape design Sacramento CA, so make sure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs by fertilizing. Fertilizing prior to snow is the best way to ensure the nutrients are making its way into the soil.  


Prevent Salt Damage

Salt and ice from the winter conditions can take a toll on plants and trees. Salt accumulation can cause your plants to react in a way similar to if they were experiencing a drought. In order to prevent this, you can regularly flush out the soil with water. Another way to prevent salt damage to your plants is by moving them away from areas that are likely to have a high level of salt accumulation


Put Down Mulch

Laying mulch is a great way to protect plants from the cold winter temperatures. Applying 3 to 4 inches of mulch after the ground begins to freeze can help your plants survive through the winter weather. 


Winter Plants

There are several plants that will survive best during the winter that you may want to consider planting. Some examples include Baltic Ivy, Blue Spruce and Pansies. Planting these types of plants right before winter will give your garden some extra life and make it look great all year round.


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06 Oct 2020
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Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Landscaping

The summer months are a great time to look into new landscape design Sacramento CA to spruce up your space. With the extra time on your hands you can ensure your landscaping looks its best during those warm summer months by following a few steps!


Do fertilize

In order for plants to flourish and look their best they must be fed the right nutrients! Learning about the different plants in your landscaping is the most important part of keeping them healthy and happy. This will also advise you on how much fertilizer your specific plants need to keep them blooming to produce fruit for you.


Don’t forget to prune

Pruning is essential for the safety, appearance and health of your landscape. Regularly keeping up with the pruning of trees will prevent the dangers of falling branches and keep your trees growing. This is especially great for fruit trees during the summertime to boost growth and 


Don’t water during the hottest time of day

You may think watering your backyard during the hottest time of day would be a good time to keep your plants and yard for best hydration. This however is not the best idea because the water will likely evaporate before reaching the soil. You should also have a set watering schedule and make sure your yard is being deeply watered.


Do have a professional prepare you landscaping

The best way to avoid any issues with your landscape architecture Sacramento CA this summer is to contact a professional to advise you beforehand. Each yard is unique and has plants that need different care so getting advise from a professional here at Aronson Landscape would be your best bet!


To learn more about landscape design Sacramento CA, landscape designer Sacramento CA or landscape architecture Sacramento CA, visit Aronson Landscape today!


11 Aug 2020
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Landscaping Maintenance Tips

After receiving new landscaping there are several tips to follow for longevity and lawn maintenance Sacramento CA. If the newly landscaped area is properly maintained it will last longer and save money in the long run! Landscaping is an investment which can be preserved if a few simple steps are followed!

Prune Shrubs

Any shrubs or dead branches should be removed from the landscaping. If you need to prune live branches and aren’t educated on how to properly do so it is important to contact landscaping companies Sacramento CA such as Aronson Landscaping

Clean the Lawn

Spring and Summer is the best time to give your lawn some extra love! Thoroughly cleaning your lawn on a regular basis will help the landscaping last longer and look better overall. This includes immediately picking up dog poop and removing debris.

Test your soil

Every few years it is important to test the pH of your soil to ensure that it is getting the right neutriance and it is able to give your plants the most beauty possible! Landscaping companies Sacramento CA and lawn maintenance Sacramento CA can easily help with determining your soils pH if needed.

Check your irrigation system

When the weather is warm it is a great time to take a better look at your irrigation system. This is the ideal time to make sure it is working properly and doesn’t have any issues you didn’t notice during the winter time.


Make sure to educate yourself on the type of fertilizer your landscaping is created with. Some fertilizers can last for an entire season and do not need to be added to. Overfertilizing can lead to many problems and harm to your plants.

To learn more about landscaping options and care or lawn maintenance Sacramento CA visit Aronson Landscaping.


06 Jun 2020
outdoor sanitation services sacramento ca Landscape sanitation sacramento ca bike rack sanitation services sacramento ca

The Importance of Outdoor Sanitation Services Sacramento CA

The Importance of Outdoor Landscape Sanitation Services

With the recent changes in societal conditions, it is more important than ever to be aware of your sanitation efforts. As states and cities are opening back up and more people are coming out of quarantine, we are getting exposed to more germs and bacteria than we have in the past months. Many companies and schools are still working remote, making more people spend their free time doing outdoor activities, such as biking, playing sports, and going to parks. Without proper outdoor sanitation services Sacramento CA, COVID19 or other harmful bacteria can spread quickly and become even more dangerous.


Stay Healthy During A Pandemic

During a pandemic, people still find their ways to outdoor recreational facilities, such as, parks, basketball and tennis courts, play sets, etc. This means people are having constant contact with each other’s germs and bacteria without even coming in contact with another human being. This is where landscape sanitation comes in! Quarantine may not be able to stop people from using public facilities; however, with landscape outdoor sanitation services Sacramento CA, we can greatly help reduce the spread, letting people enjoy their lives safely.


Keep Children Safe 

Children don’t have the antibodies like adults do and are more susceptible to harmful bacteria. Kids also use recreational facilities and are less vigilant in regards to their cleanliness and environment. By doing what we can in terms of public sanitation, we can help protect our children. 


Keep Facilities Looking New

Getting rid of dirt and debris can help maintain the physical appearance of public facilities and protect the paint and finishes from the harsh environment. This is especially important in very humid or very dry conditions when dust storms and hurricanes can occur. For example, bike racks and meters can harbor tons of bacteria and can often be worn down in physical appearance due to constant use. This is where bike rack sanitation services Sacramento CA would be extremely useful.


For more information on outdoor sanitation services in the Sacramento area, contact Aronson Landscape

06 May 2020
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Our Response to COVID-19

To our valued customers,

Aronson Landscape now offers sanitation of outdoor spaces in commercial and residential properties to prohibit the spread of viruses and bacteria. Even though coronavirus is spread mainly through respiratory droplets from person-to-person, the CDC provides evidence suggesting that COVID-19 “may remain viable for hours for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is the best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.”

Not only will this service help in taking an extra step to keep our community safe, but it will also provide peace of mind for residents and homeowners alike. 

Some of the surfaces we will provide sanitation for include:

  • Playground structures
  • High-touch surfaces of parks and community areas such as trash cans, benches, handrails, tables, or other picnic structures
  • Bicycle racks
  • Fences and infrastructure in dog parks
  • Basketball and tennis courts

If interested, please contact us by phone, email, or text for an estimate.

We will be offering estimates for periodic sanitation, or can include weekly or bi-weekly sanitation services for an additional fee within our monthly maintenance contracts.

In addition, Aronson Landscape has taken extra care to implement practices consistent with existing COVID-19 safety guidelines within our business including:

  • Zero physical crew-to-customer interaction (Communication performed by phone)
  • Truck and equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Adoption of all applicable local government mandates

We recognize that so many have been affected by the direct and indirect effects of this pandemic. We hope that you and your families stay healthy and safe during this difficult time. We thank you for your continued business and trust as we continue to learn how to navigate these uncharted circumstances together. 


Levi Aronson




Looking for the best landscaping service Auburn CA? Call Aronson Landscape today, the premier Landscaping Company Auburn has to offer! And don’t forget to ask about our new outdoor landscape sanitation services Sacramento!

06 Apr 2020
Artificial Turf Sacramento CA Artificial Turf Auburn CA Landscaping Company Sacramento

Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf Sacramento CA Lawns

Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf Lawns

When designing your yard, it is important to consider all of the alternatives before making a decision. Depending on your preference, landscaping designs, family, yard size, and budget, will determine if you would be better fit for artificial turf Sacramento CA grass or natural grass. Check out the six pros and cons for why you should or should not install artificial turf Auburn CA in your yard.




They are environmentally friendly.

No watering, no power equipment, and no fertilizers or chemicals, means less pollution to the earth. As people are becoming more aware of the dangers they may have on the environment, switching to smart homes and eco-friendly living alternatives, such as artificial turf, are becoming of greater consideration.


They are green year round.

Being artificial, artificial turf sacramento ca does not die like real grass. This lush green-ness makes it extremely easy to be installed into any yard design without fear of it growing into a crazy mess or it being a hassle to maintain. This also aids in the overall beauty or aesthetic of your yard.


They are low maintenance.

Artificial lawns are not completely self-sufficient and do require occasional maintenance such as cleaning the dust and debris off of it, similar to an outdoor rug. Also, when it comes to pets and animal waste, your dog’s urine will be able to drain out similar to rain water; however, with solid waste, you will need to pick it up as you would at a park, and lift and rinse away. 




They get hot.

Artificial turf absorbs heat. If the temperature is extremely hot in the summer, unlike a real plant, your artificial turf won’t be able to emit any water, giving off a cooling feeling. This can be dangerous for young children and adults, as it can burn skin.


They are rough.

Turf burns are real. If you see any athletes come off of the field with large wounds, it’s usually not from their opponents, it’s from the turf. Artificial turf is not as soft as natural grass and can be a great irritation to skin. You can always test out a sample before you dive into purchasing some of your own.


They have a higher upfront cost.

Purchasing artificial turf is an investment. Seeding and laying down sod are the other two alternatives to getting artificial turf and they are cheaper. They require a lesser upfront investment; however, artificial turf is cheaper in the long run due to the lower maintenance costs.


For more information on the right lawn option for you, contact Aronson Landscape, a landscaping company Sacramento, and receive a free estimate.

06 Feb 2020

Affordable Landscaping Ideas for February

Landscaping on a budget does not have to be boring, with some quick fixes you can achieve the backyard of your dreams. From hardscaping to softscaping, there’s plenty of affordable landscaping ideas to add a fresh touch to your yard. Check out these 5 budget-friendly ideas to beautify your backyard landscape without breaking the bank. 

Use Mulch Alternatives 

If your lawn maintenance is starting to take up your weekend, mulch can save not only time but money as well. By adding mulch you can reduce the amount of water and weeding your garden requires. Since adding mulch can be a bit pricey depending on the size of your lawn, using mulch alternatives could save you money and still reduce your maintenance time. Low-cost alternatives such as grass clippings, leaves, stone, and compost are all great mulch alternative options. 

Add a Splash of Color

Nothing adds a fresh new pop of life like adding some color to brighten up a plain backyard. For an affordable landscaping tip, you can spruce up your lawn simply by painting some of the elements of your yard. Pick a planter, wooden sign, or lawn chair and give it a fresh coat of paint to freshen up it’s look. To save even more money you can reuse some leftover paint you have around your house from other projects.

Think Drought Friendly 

Maintaining your backyard landscape can get pricey, especially if your water bill is draining your funds. By selecting drought-tolerant plants you can save money in the long term since they require less water. Additionally, installing an automatic irrigation system from a trusted landscaper can save money since it reduces and controls the amount of water given to your lawn.

At Aronson Landscape Inc., we work with Auburn CA homeowners to create and maintain beautiful yards. We can design and install the features and details you want to make your yard exactly how you desire. 

If you are looking for a great landscaper or landscaping company in Auburn CA, for landscaping maintenance, landscape design or landscape installation, then contact Aronson Landscape at 916.243.9350

06 Dec 2019

Importance of Commercial Landscape Design Sacramento CA

When people visit your property, first impressions are important. However, after you’ve made that first impression keeping it is just as critical. Whether it is public spots such as apartments, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, grocery stores or retail shops, the importance of commercial landscape design Sacramento CA maintenance offer long-term advantages for your property. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining your commercial landscaping. 


Any establishment with beautiful landscaping creates a good impression to those passing by and potential new customers. By maintaining a manicured lawn, bright flowers, a variety of green foliage and carefully placed shrubs your property can give a sense of professionalism. 

Property Value

An overgrown lawn with weeds, branches, debris littering the grass, unsightly cracks in the pavement, and old turf can make any property unattractive. By creating a well-kept appearance you can increase the value of your property and the surrounding community. Having a visually appealing commercial landscape design Sacramento CA can prevent depreciation of your property and stay competitive with surrounding businesses. 


 Landscaping does not just provide visual benefits, it can also help improve the security of your property. When trees and bushes become overgrown it can become different to spot people sneaking around or on security cameras. Additionally, well-kept trees and branches can help prevent customers or employees from tripping over anything and getting injured. If you’re looking for a way to increase safety and security while improving the looks of your property, landscaping services Sacramento CA is the way to go.

Save Money

Knowing ahead of time where you want your greenery to go, could save you money in the long run. By having a clear commercial landscape design Sacramento CA you can save time and money when it’s done right the first time. If you don’t have a clear idea of where you want things you could be redoing it in the years to come. 

Promotes sustainability

Another benefit of choosing a professional landscaping service Sacramento CA is promoting sustainability on your property. By choosing native plants and water-wise species you can help the insects, bees, and wildlife of your community thrive. These additions can not only help the environment, but it can also be a way for you to further improve your company image to potential new customers. Also, by picking your landscape strategically you can cut down your water usage significantly as well. 

At Aronson Landscape, we’ve been helping Sacramento, CA, HOAs and other residential and commercial customers develop and maintain beautiful landscaping since 2008. From landscape design to maintenance, our teams are here to help create and grow plans that add beauty and lushness to your property. If you are looking for Commercial Landscaping Design Sacramento CA, turn to the experts at Aronson Landscape.

05 Nov 2019

3 Reasons to Call a Landscaper for Concrete Repairs

Aronson Landscape Offers a Variety of Concrete Repairs Services 

If you’re like most home or business owners you probably have concrete somewhere on your property. In order to keep your concrete in great condition, you must be aware of the signs of wear and tear. It is important to call a landscaping company Sacramento CA early on to avoid any costly concrete repairs in the future. Whether it is a commercial or residential landscaper Sacramento CA customers know that the experts at Aronson Landscape provide the best concrete repairs and landscaping. Aronson Landscape offers a variety of concrete repairs services, here are three.  

Unleveled Ground

If you are noticed an uneven appearance on your property, this could be a sign that a concrete repair might be needed. When pavement is not level you can increase the risk of injuries and further damage. By calling a landscaping company Sacramento CA you can take action before serious problems occur. At Aronson Landscape, our highly trained professionals take the necessary steps to ensure concrete repairs are level and safe. 

Tree Root Damage

Although trees can add a beautiful touch to your property, lifting roots can pose serious threats to your home or business. As tree trunks grow and age, the roots continue to grow stronger which can lift and crack your concrete. To keep your roots in check and prevent hazardous accidents from occurring call a landscaping company Sacramento CA to professionally address your concrete repair issues. Our team at Aronson Landscape has the right expertise and methods to fix and prevent root lifting.

Trip Hazard Repairs

When owning a business, it is crucial to make sure your customers are safe and not susceptible to accidents. Aronson Landscape’s team of trained landscaper Sacramento CA is committed to providing the best trip hazard repair services. To ensure your property is compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) our team removes trip hazards and improves safety.  

When looking for the best landscaper Sacramento CA, let Aronson Landscape guarantee comprehensive quality concrete repairs and landscaping improvements. We offer free written estimates for all of our design, installation, and ongoing maintenance work. At Aronson Landscape, we stand behind our work and want our customers to be satisfied.

06 May 2019
Irrigation Company Sacramento CA

Irrigation Company Sacramento CA

Save Water While Maintaining a Healthy Landscape

The dangers of dry landscaping are all too real for Sacramento business owners and property managers. Working with the right irrigation company Sacramento CA businesses can use new technologies and preventative maintenance to save money and water. To present the ideal commercial landscape Sacramento CA properties should have state-of-the-art solutions that provide better coverage and more efficient watering. If you’re looking for the commercial irrigation company Sacramento CA businesses turn to, see what Aronson Landscape has to offer.

New Sacramento Program Saves Businesses Money

The city of Sacramento is offering Water Wise Rebates designed to encourage commercial, industrial and institutional businesses to invest in water-saving improvements. The program makes 2019 the ideal time to contact the commercial irrigation company Sacramento CA businesses choose for exceptional service and innovative solutions.

To qualify for the rebates, businesses must have water service provided by the city and agree to a pre-installation audit (a free service).

The outdoor rebates and services include:

  • Converting existing grass in the front of your business with Water Wise landscaping (rebates up to $1 per square foot of replaced turf to a maximum of $50,000)
  • Irrigation upgrades to drip irrigation, rotary heads and high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles using EPA WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controllers ($800 — $400 for conversion materials and $400 for smart irrigation controllers)
  • Labor reimbursement of up to $150 if performed by a licensed landscaping contractor
  • Two hours of consulting with a city-approved landscape designer

To qualify, the converted area must at least 60 percent (at plant maturity) of non-invasive, river-friendly plants for groundcover, shrubs and trees.

This program offers extraordinary savings for your business.

Commercial Landscaping Sacramento CA

Innovative Irrigation Program Protects and Strengthens Landscapes

At Aronson Landscape, we offer a range of innovative irrigation solutions that qualify for the Sacramento rebate program, including:

  • Drip irrigation systems that reduce water and fertilizing costs. Drip irrigation lets water drip slowly onto roots plant and flower surfaces and roots. We recommend rotary nozzles that reduce water waste and increase the water coverage area, reducing the need for additional watering zones and accelerating installation. You’ll prevent over-spraying and wasting water in areas that don’t need it with the irrigation company Sacramento CA chooses first.
  • Advanced management tools to save water, time and money, including:
    • Smart controllers that adjust water dispersion based on weather readings
    • Soil moisture sensors to ensure that flowers, plants, shrubs and trees get the right about of water
    • Rainfall shutoff devices that detect rain and shut off irrigation
  • An irrigation preventative maintenance program that ensures your solution is working at peak performance and that needed repairs or replacements are detected and addressed quickly.
  • Fire prevention services to protect your business with the right design and services. With a preventative commercial landscape Sacramento CA business can create a defensible space between your properties and landscaping, manage downhill slopes, prevent crown and ground fires, complete weed eating processes safely, and reduce the volume and continuity of fire fuel.

At Aronson Landscape, we are committed to protecting our natural resources and helping your business with solutions that save you water and money. To learn more, contact us today.

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