07 Jun 2018
Landscaping Auburn CA

Landscaping Auburn CA

Top 5 Summer Landscaping Ideas

Edible Gardens, Creative Hardscapes, and Water Features Are Popular Options To Transform Yards


Are you an Auburn, CA, area resident looking to reinvigorate your property this summer? Look for residential landscape design Auburn CA residents know will delight and transform your yard. With a flair for creativity and expert care, Aronson Landscape offers landscaping services Auburn CA loves. Here are a five ideas for summer landscaping Auburn CA homeowners are building and planting to enjoy all year.

  1. Edible Gardens. Permaculture is a growing trend across the world, and the popularity of planting edible gardens is increasing rapidly. Many homeowners choose to start simple by planting perennial herbs before working up to vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers. Some choose to plant hanging fruits and veggies.

A similar idea gaining ground is planting a natural dye garden. Among the plants that can be planted are indigofera (blue), larkspur (yellow), lilac (yellow/orange), and even carrots (orange) can be used to create natural dyes used to color textiles, yarn, and clothes.

  1. Just Add Water. Water creates a beautiful contrast in landscaping Auburn CA choose this year. At Aronson Landscape, we can help you with a residential landscape design Auburn CA neighbors and visitors will love. Want to add a pond with fish? How about a fountain or waterfall? Adding water will attract different types of wildlife, and give you new sights and sounds to enjoy as part of your backyard this summer. Using natural stone to contain the feature adds to the aesthetic.
  2. Multiple Plant Options

There are many options available for plants to add to your Auburn, CA, property.

Choosing native plants is always a good choice. They will usually grow stronger and require less upkeep, reducing your maintenance needs and cost.

Potted plants are a great way to add different shapes, colors, sizes, and heights to your landscape. Potted plants can add splashes of color to different yard areas, with whites and pinks popular choices for summer months. And with potted plants you can swap them around and change them with the seasons.

Diverse plant installations with species that bloom at different times of year help you add lovely variety and surprises to your vista.

Looking for a particular plant idea? Try lavender, which adds aroma and bursts of color while requiring little watering. It also doubles as a bug repellent.

  1. Let There Be Light

When choosing Aronson Landscape for your landscaping services Auburn CA residents can create designs that incorporate lighting for safety and style. Landscape lights play many roles, from illuminating sidewalks and steps or to highlight garden beds, trees, and shrubs.

Lighting fixtures can also be added to some covered patios enclosures to let you relax in comfort and illumination.

  1. Shrubs For Small

Towering trees may not work in every yard. Go small with shrubs instead, with dwarf varieties that can create beautiful options with very little maintenance.

Want to transform your summer landscape? Contact Aronson Landscape today for a free estimate.

11 May 2018
Commercial Landscaping Sacramento CA

Commercial Landscaping Sacramento CA

Why Commercial Landscape Maintenance is Important For Your Business

Services Add Curb Appeal, Attract Talented Employees and Customers


Does your Sacramento, CA, business want to make a great impression on customers, residents, and visitors? With commercial landscaping Sacramento CA businesses can improve their curb appeal and more. With the right commercial landscape Sacramento CA businesses have a real advantage and can attract new business and great ratings. For affordable commercial landscaping Sacramento CA companies turn to Aronson Landscape for expert design, maintenance, and repair services.

Why the maxim states we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the reality is that people will evaluate your property based on what they see when they approach and first arrive at your business location. Impressions matter, whether you’re attracting new residents to a condo complex, new members to a golf course or country club, or customers to a shopping complex.

Commercial landscaping Sacramento CA residents notice, for good reasons, can raise eyebrow. Clean, manicured lawns, cleared paths and driveways that are in good repair, and well maintained flower, bush, and tree beds cast an impression. These traits indicate that the businesses and services are quality and professional.

Similarly if the commercial landscape Sacramento CA residents and visitors see is in poor shape, unkempt, or poorly maintained, a message is also sent. Such shoddy landscaping sends visitors a different impression…

one that is not likely to attract visitors or customers.

Impact on Employees

Employees want to work in an environment that’s well maintained and has hardscapes and other features that they can enjoy on breaks and in quiet moments. Workers in a well-maintained property are likely to be happier, more productive, and more engaged in their work. Great commercial landscaping helps your business attract and retain great employees. Those employees will be inspired, innovative, and healthier.

Commercial landscaping has many other advantages for your company beyond the impact on customers, visitors, and employees:

  • Resale value. When you are ready to sell your business, having a great commercial landscape will improve the sale value and interest of potential buyers. Neglecting landscaping maintenance means either lower sales prices or expensive costs to bring the property up to the proper quality to put the business for sale.
  • Healthy ecosystem. With the proper care, your trees, shrubs, flowers, and laws are going to be stronger and healthier. That means less long-term expense to repair, prune, maintain, and replace the greenery.
  • Reduced costs. When you’ve invested in proper maintenance of your commercial landscaping, you’ll have fewer long term costs. Consider, for example, your irrigation system. When your commercial landscape maintenance plan includes regular inspection of the pipes, sensors, and valves you will save on utility costs and replacement needs.

For affordable commercial landscaping Sacramento CA property managers and business owners alike count on Aronson Landscape to do commercial landscape design and maintenance. Our clients include office parks and retail centers, apartment and condo complexes, government buildings, schools, medical facilities, and corporate headquarters. Let Aronson Landscape help your Sacramento, CA, business make a big impact for visitors and employees.


09 Apr 2018
Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA

Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA

5 Easy Landscape Enhancements To Improve Every HOA In Sacramento

Spruce Up The Neighborhood With a Few Simple Steps


For Sacramento, CA homeowners associations (HOAs), choosing what types of landscaping to install each year can get complicated. As with any residential landscaping Sacramento CA residents will do well by having a unified plan that enhances the neighborhood. When choosing the right residential landscaping company Sacramento CA HOAs can find a partner who will help develop and install the right plan that members will love. And when it comes to residential landscape maintenance Sacramento CA HOAs should choose a partner that will preserve and protect the investment.

Here are 5 tips for your Sacramento HOA landscaping plan.

  1. Choose Native Plants

Native plants will take to the Sacramento, CA, climate and growing conditions, helping them remain healthy and strong while taking less maintenance. Flowering perennial flowers are a good choice as they will provide beautiful colors each year without the need for replanting.

Think about shrubs and bushes that will add variegated or colored foliage or are evergreens. In the winter months when fewer things are in bloom, having some splashes of color around will help beat the blues when other plants are not in bloom. If you pick slow-growing varieties, you won’t have to prune or trim them as often either.

  1. Consider Containers

When you want to do more than planting garden beds, consider using containers of different sizes to mix it up. Containers let you differ the heights of your flowers and plants and use different design elements to complement common spaces, buildings, entrances, and offices. They can also reduce the amount of mowing and other maintenance if combined with stone beds or other design elements that contrast with other plantings.

  1. Plant Bulbs

When planting bulbs as part of your residential landscaping Sacramento CA HOAs can add a reliable perennial source of color. Bulbs offer multiple color options and can be planted once while providing annual bursts of blooms from spring through the fall.

Spring-blooming bulbs are usually heartier plants that can withstand a variety of temperatures and will multiply on their own. You’ll save in replanting costs next year when bulbs begin to propagate in nearby spots.

  1. Location Matters

Work with the residential landscaping company Sacramento CA HOAs have worked with regularly to decide where things should be placed. You want to be sure shrubs and bushes, for example, are not located too closely to walkways or driveways. Shrubs that have room to grow also won’t need to be trimmed too often. You also want to be sure that containers and shrubs are not placed in such a way that they make it difficult for lawnmowers to get to nearby grasses.

  1. Consider Irrigation

Plants, flowers, and grasses need water, meaning your landscape plan needs to consider irrigation. With a trusted partner for residential landscape maintenance Sacramento CA HOAs can develop and maintain an irrigation system that conserves natural resources and keeps landscaping nourished.

At Aronson Landscape, we’ve been helping Sacramento, CA, HOAs and other residential and commercial customers develop and maintain beautiful landscaping since 2008. From landscape design to maintenance, our teams are here to help create and grow plans that add beauty and lushness to your property. If you are looking for Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA, turn to the experts at Aronson Landscape.


12 Mar 2018
Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

3 Seasonal Commercial Landscaping Tips to Employ This Spring

Aronson Landscape Offers Expert Services Year-Round for Commercial Customers


Spring will be here in no time, meaning it’s time for commercial landscaping Sacramento CA clients turn to for great-looking properties. Aronson Landscape offers commercial landscaping Sacramento CA clients have trusted for years for expert, thorough, and professional service. That’s why we’re the commercial landscaping company Sacramento CA turns to for great work all year. If you’re looking for the top choice in Sacramento, CA commercial landscaping, give us a shout.

In preparing for the warmer months, here are three tips for what to do with your commercial landscaping Sacramento CA.

  1. Assess, Clean Up, and Repair

Every spring it’s a good idea to do a walkthrough of the entire commercial property. This inspection can identify any damage or issues that arose during the cooler fall and winter months that need to be addressed. Debris, broken pavement, downed branches, broken or damaged hardscapes, and improvements to plant, flower, and tree beds can all be identified early on.

Spring is the right time for clean up for commercial landscaping Sacramento CA properties. All that debris, leaves, branches, twigs, dead plants and flowers, can be cleaned up and removed, making it easier to do new plantings, treatments, and mowing.

Just as your property needs to be inspected, so too does your irrigation system. Winter can wreak havoc on the controllers, sprinkler heads, nozzles, and valves that are the heart of your irrigation system.

Having a sound irrigation system keeps your greens healthy and lush. A drip irrigation system further pinpoints where the water goes and helps to conserve water.

  1. Apply Needed Treatments

You’ll want to take the spring months to apply necessary treatments to keep greens, plants, and flowers growing healthy all year long. Spring is an ideal time to apply herbicides to get rid of any existing weeds and to prevent crabgrass and other weeds from growing later in the season.

Spring is also a good time to apply insecticides, especially for those that are invasive and can do damage to plants, flowers, and other areas of your property.

Aerating your property allows for water and nutrients to permeate deeper into the roots of your grasses and promote healthy growth all year long.

Finally, spring is the right time to apply fertilizer treatments to encourage healthy lawns, flowers, trees, and plants throughout the year.

  1. Maintaining Plants and Flowers

Spring is ideal to have your commercial landscaping company Sacramento CA take care of your trees and shrubs that need a little attention. Trimming and pruning can help remove damaged, diseased, or dead limbs and keep remaining plants stronger. This work can also remove hazards that can be blocking walkways or doorways.

This is the time to plant annuals and clean out any plant or flower beds that need some attention. New mulch in these beds also allows for better water retention and prevents weeds.

For quality commercial landscaping in Sacramento, CA, trust Aronson Landscape Inc. for all your spring needs and year-round service.

19 Feb 2018
landscaper sacramento ca

Landscaper Sacramento CA

What Makes Our Landscapers The Best

Flexibility, Experience and the Aronson Guarantee Make Aronson Landscape the Right Choice


Sacramento, CA residents and property managers know that Aronson Landscape offers expert skills in landscape design and maintenance. For landscaping Sacramento homeowners and businesses have chosen Aronson for years for multiple landscaping needs. Whether it’s commercial or residential landscaping Sacramento CA trusts the teams at Aronson Landscape to do the job right and keep your outdoor spaces lush and beautiful all year round. Learn more about what makes Aronson the landscaper Sacramento CA counts on year after year.

Why is Aronson the landscaper Sacramento CA has turned to again and again? Here are a few reasons.

Comprehensive Services. From design to installation to ongoing maintenance, Aronson Landscape provides an array of expert services in one place. Our design teams work closely with our customers to provide complete planning services.

From our initial consultations, where we discuss desired outcomes, ideas, and budgets to plan development and material selection, our designers work with our customers to provide creative options. Our installation teams work closely with our designers to ensure that the finished landscaping Sacramento customers envisioned becomes a reality.

Versatility. Whether its commercial or residential landscaping Sacramento CA needs, our teams have likely worked on a similar property in the past. We’ve designed, installed, and maintained properties large and small, hilly and flat, rocky and grassy. Our commercial expertise includes work on

  • Office parks and retail centers
  • Apartment buildings, condo complexes and homeowner associations
  • Corporate campuses and industrial parks
  • Public parks, schools, and government buildings
  • Corporate campuses and industrial parks
  • Medical campuses and facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and physician offices

Experience. Aronson Landscape began serving Sacramento, CA area customers in 2008. We are fully licensed and insured, having worked hundreds of jobs and focused on safety and results for each of our customers.

Maintenance Equals Prevention. Keeping properties beautiful is what Aronson is all about. Our maintenance programs help ensure that the property and equipment is working properly all year. Our ongoing lawn maintenance includes trimming, fertilization, aeration, and weed control treatments. When the leaves start to fall, we do complete leaf removal from the lawn, flower and tree beds, hardscapes, and driveways to keep the property clean.

We also offer irrigation system maintenance services. We will inspect, repair, and test all of your system’s components, including valves, tubes, and sprinklers to ensure everything continues to work properly to keep proper hydration of your lawns and plantings.

The Aronson Guarantee. We offer free written estimates for all of our design, installation, and ongoing maintenance work. We also offer the Aronson Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with our service and do not see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your property in the first 30 days, the first month of maintenance services is free. We stand behind our work and want our customers to be satisfied.

Aronson Landscape is committed to providing comprehensive, quality service for your commercial or residential landscapes. If you are looking for the best Landscaper Sacramento CA has to offer, turn to the experts at Aronson Landscape.

16 Jan 2018
Landscaping Sacramento CA

Landscaping Sacramento CA

New Year New Yard: Sacramento Landscapers Best Design Tips

How to Keep Your Landscape Fresh and Fun in 2018

Looking for some affordable commercial landscaping Sacramento CA tips to keep your outdoor space looking great? Sacramento CA homeowners and property managers have turned to Aronson Landscape Inc. for expert advice and service for years. For residential landscaping, Sacramento CA homeowners trust our teams of designers and maintenance teams. It’s the landscaping Sacramento CA turns to again and again, year after year.

Here are the tips for residential landscaping Sacramento CA residents will enjoy this year:

  • Small gardens. Space is at a premium and the larger a Sacramento CA garden is, the more maintenance it requires. Smaller gardens can serve multiple functions, acting as planters, collecting rainwater from downspouts, and providing for multiple species and containers.
  • Sun and wind. Knowing the sun and wind patterns in your yard helps lead to better decisions about where to place gardens, hardscapes, and other features. For example, patios, where you plan to have outside dinners, should not be placed directly in unshaded western areas where the heat and glare could be uncomfortable. Choose locations to reflect the natural elements.
  • Pavers. Pavers add structure and function to your yard, allowing guests to navigate the property and frame different areas of the landscape. Pavers are a good option for affordable commercial landscaping Sacramento CA businesses can use today.
  • Focal point. Whether it’s commercial or residential landscaping Sacramento CA customers find it best to create a visual focal point for their design. This focal point might be a hardscape, a beautiful tree or plant or garden, or a structure. Start with the focal point and build your design out from it. For large spaces, there may be multiple focal points that tie together.
  • Scale and pace. Just as it’s important to have a focal point, it’s also critical to keep scale in mind when planning. A small backyard should not be filled with groves of enormous trees. Similarly, a large expanse will need multiple gardens, trees, bushes, and hardscapes to create the right balance. You should also vary the size, color, shape, and height or your plantings to create interesting visuals for visitors and users.
  • Habitats. Consider inviting birds and other wildlife to use your home or business landscape. Habitats are dwindling in many highly populated and trafficked areas and Sacramento is no exception. Consider adding berry- and seed-producing plants, limiting the use of insecticides, adding water features that will attract birds and other animals, and reducing or replacing some of your lawn.
  • Something new. It’s a new year and that’s the ideal time to try something new with your landscaping. Our designers are committed to following your lead but are open to suggesting new approaches to your landscape. Just say the word!

For 10 years, Aronson Landscape has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Sacramento area. We provide landscape planning and design, installation, and ongoing and annual maintenance services. Contact us today for a free estimate.

15 Dec 2017
Landscaping Auburn CA

Residential Landscaping Auburn CA

Landscaping Auburn 101: What all Residential Homeowners Should Know

Understand Your Property, Your Lifestyle, and Your Budget


For residential landscaping Auburn, CA homeowners have lots of options. From functional designs that use hardscapes to enhancements like paver patios that help improve the social space, you want an Auburn, CA landscaper who will be a creative partner to give you the yard of your dreams.

Here are a few tips to consider from Aronson Landscaping, a top Auburn, CA landscape:

  • Know Your Property. Do you understand the strengths and challenges of your property? Are there sloping hills that cause an issue for drainage? Are there microclimates where sun, wind, or moisture have a major impact? Which areas are frequently traversed? Understanding these features helps you and your landscape designer create the right solutions.
  • What Do You Want? How do you want to use the property? Will it be used for entertainment or children playing? Will the landscape design be used to create pretty vistas or promote garden growth?
  • Have a Plan … and Flexibility. When creating new landscaping Auburn homeowners should go into the project with an idea of what they want to do. But part of the advantage of using a commercial landscaper is to be open to the ideas and experience they bring. Having an open mind can help give your yard a solution that goes beyond your initial inclination.
  • Consider Irrigation. Installing a simple drip irrigation system helps keep your lawn healthy and hydrated.
  • Linkages and Spaces. Just like in your home, you want to create distinct areas and spaces within your landscaping, along with ways to link and connect those spaces with walkways, paths, and hardscapes.
  • Plants Equal Structure. Plants can be used in many ways within your landscape. They can produce fruits and vegetables, be used as scenery provide lovely scents, act as barriers to landscapes, and frame the property or an area of the property. Plants and trees can be used in various visual planes to create archways, block or provide light, or create layers.
  • Think About Maintenance. Create a landscaping plan that can be supported by the proper level of maintenance. If you select the same company to create your landscape design, you can usually use them to do the maintenance work. Having the same company do both tasks helps you maintain consistency and history among those caring for your property.
  • Consider Long Term and Short Term. When you create your landscape design, consider the plants and trees and flower beds you install for both the long-term and the short term. Understand how big your plantings will get and consider the impact on your property over time.
  • Use Hardscapes. In addition to plants, you can use a range of hardscapes to create beautiful vistas and function. Water features such as fountains, bubblers, and ponds can add beauty and calm to the property, Decks, fences, paver patios, and walls add function and form.

Aronson Landscape Inc. offers residential design, installation and maintenance services for Auburn, CA and area homeowners.

10 Nov 2017
Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA

Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA

Stay On Top Of Your Fall Maintenance With Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA

Aronson Landscape Helps Keep Lawns Healthy and Strong For Year-Round Beauty


Fall is an important time for your Sacramento CA residential landscaping. There are many things you can do to ensure your lawn and beds stay strong and healthy by using the service for residential landscaping Sacramento CA homeowners have relied on for years. In addition to landscape maintenance, Aronson Landscape provides landscape design Sacramento residents trust. Whether it’s new irrigation systems or installation of hardscapes like paver patios, Sacramento homes gain beauty and value with Aronson Landscape as your trusted partner.

Here are a few of the best fall tips for residential landscaping Sacramento CA homeowners should consider:

  • Lawn seeding. Fall is a great time to fix those patchy areas where your grass is gone or sparse. By seeding your lawn in the fall, it will be ready to grow when the warmer weather returns next spring. Light watering during the autumn helps to strengthen root systems
  • Fertilization. When you fertilize your lawn in cooler weather, it promotes better absorption of nutrients, especially for ryegrass and bluegrass, before the winter season begins. This leaves your lawn stronger and better prepared for the spring growth season.
  • Tackle weeds. Some weeds, unfortunately, are perennial pests. Attacking these weeds, such as clover and dandelions, in the fall helps to keep them at bay and from spreading, as can easily occur even in the fall and winter.
  • Repair Damage. Over the course of an active spring and summer, your lawn may be damaged. Bald patches and dead grass should be addressed every fall to ensure your lawn is at its best when the calendar turns.
  • Look for thatch. Thatch is a mixture of dead organic material mixed in with living plants that can lead to lawn diseases and attract insects. It’s often caused by overwatering or overfertilization. A skilled landscaper can test for thatch and remove it in the fall months.
  • Aeration. Aeration will loosen the soil, allowing for better penetration of nutrients and water while improving drainage throughout the property.
  • Adding topsoil. A thin layer of soil or compost added to your lawn adds nutrients and improves long-term growth for your grass. The top dressing layer should include a mix of sand, peat, and loam that is raked into the lawn.
  • Prune and trim. The fall is a great time to give your bushes and trees a little TLC. Trimming your bushes and perennial flowers in the fall lets them start the spring with fresh, new leaves and branches from the outset.

Aronson Landscape is the trusted provider of residential landscape maintenance and landscape design Sacramento homeowners turn to each fall to protect and strengthen their lawns. Autumn is also an ideal time to consider hardscape installations such as fences, swimming pool, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces, paver patios, curbs, gutters, and columns. For residential landscaping Sacramento CA in the fall and all year, count on our experienced teams to keep your property healthy and beautiful.


18 Oct 2017
Landscaping Company Sacramento CA

Landscaping Company Sacramento

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Hiring a Landscaping Company Sacramento

Aronson Landscape Inc. Offers Design, Installation and Maintenance Solutions for Sacramento Residents


Are you a Sacramento, CA homeowner looking for some help with landscape design, installation or maintenance? You’ll want to be sure to carefully consider that you hire a trusted landscaping company Sacramento residents have long relied on for quality work. To find the right landscape contractor Sacramento residents can trust, avoid these common mistakes.

Not Checking References

When you’re looking to hire a landscaping company Sacramento residents should be sure to ask for many references. Ask to speak to recent clients who have had the similar kinds of work done that you’re looking to have done on your property. Ask the references if the work was done on time, if the quoted prices were accurate, and, most importantly, if they’d hire the landscaper again.

Not Verifying Credentials

A reputable landscaping company Sacramento homeowners want to hire will have the proper licenses and training. You can check with state licensing agencies and the Better Business Bureau to ensure there are no outstanding issues and that stated licenses are up to date.

Not Hiring Experienced Professionals

If you’re going to trust your Sacramento, CA landscape design or installation to a new contractor, you want to be sure they have the right experience. Ask about similar work they have done and ask to see pictures of those projects. Whenever possible, be sure to check out a project that was recently completed, plus one that was done a few years ago to see whether it has stood the test of time.

While years of business are important, what’s more important is relevant work experience on the kinds of tasks you need completed.

Not Understanding Quotes and Payments

Most reputable landscape contractors will give you a detailed, written estimate of the work to be done. You want to know whether the estimate you’ve been given is a fixed price or could change. And if you ask for changes or additions to the project, how will those be handled?

You want to be sure that your estimate is comprehensive and includes the costs for labor, materials, design, installation, permits, disposal fees and equipment rentals (if applicable).

You should also know how much money needs to be provided as a deposit and how other payments are scheduled.

Finally, never agree to have work done without a signed contract.

Not Checking Insurance Coverage

Landscape installation and maintenance usually involves lots of personnel and equipment. If there is an accident to an employee, family member or visitor while your landscaping project is being done, ensure that you understand how you will be protected. Most landscape contractors carry workers’ compensation and liability coverage. It’s perfectly OK to ask for a copy of those policies and to show them to your own insurance agent, who can help you understand your own liability, if any.

Aronson Landscape Inc. has 10 years of experience helping Sacramento homeowners create and maintain beautiful landscapes. We offer planning, design, installation and maintenance services at affordable prices with excellent service.

11 Sep 2017
Landscaping Sacramento CA

Landscaping Sacramento CA

What Are Hardscape Designs? And Why Do Sacramento Landscapers Recommend Them?

Aronson Landscaping Sacramento Offers Design, Installation and Maintenance for Commercial, Residential Properties


When it comes to landscaping Sacramento residents and business owners have more options than plants, trees, and flowers. Hardscape designs add additional elements to your property. From functional outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to walls, steps, and patio paver stones, Sacramento CA businesses and homes can be transformed with countless options. At Aronson Landscape, we offer commercial and residential hardscape design services, installation and maintenance.

Hardscape designs give you a great deal of flexibility when thinking about how to manage your Sacramento CA property. Here are a few of the types of hardscapes you can consider:

  • Water features
    • In-ground swimming pools
    • Above-ground swimming pools
    • Waterfalls
    • Fountains
    • Ponds
    • Hot tubs
    • Whirlpools
  • Dining features
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Wet bars
    • Built-in barbecues
    • Outdoor fireplaces
    • Fire pits
  • Structural features
    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Walkways
    • Pavers
    • Columns
    • Curbs
    • Gutters
    • Retaining walls
    • Pergolas

Benefits of Hardscapes

Why do so many landscapers recommend using hardscapes? Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • Impact on Property Values. Attractive landscaping Sacramento residents appreciate, especially with hardscapes that do not require much maintenance, can dramatically affect the resale price of your home or commercial property. Something as simple as an elegantly designed walkway or patio paver stones can be the difference for a potential buyer.
  • Expand Functional Space. Adding a pergola, patio or other outdoor living areas adds more space to your home or business. With more space, there’s more flexibility and more opportunity to enjoy the beautiful year-round Sacramento CA weather.
  • Better Accessibility. Hardscapes help family members, residents, visitors and employees navigate your property. A walkway or retaining walls add navigability and structure to the outdoor space.
  • Privacy. Walls, fences and other hardscaping can maintain clarity of property lines and provide privacy for residents and employees.
  • Better Use of Land. Some areas of your property may not be able to support plants, trees, bushes or flower beds. Whether its pool soil composition, lack of adequate sunlight or overly wet areas, hardscapes can provide a good solution that allow for the best use of the property.
  • More Fun. Adding a pool or outdoor kitchen means more opportunities for family and friends to enjoy themselves while living with or visiting you.

How to Consider Hardscapes

If you’ve decided hardscapes are a good choice for your property, here are a few steps to take:

  • Work With a Professional Hardscape Designer. A professional hardscape designer will help you assess the entire property and imagine new uses. Pro designers can see beyond what’s already there and provide options you may not have thought of.
  • Create a Focal Point. You want your landscaping to have a focal point where the eyes land and then explore other parts of the property. Scale, proportion and complementary features are important to developing the total landscaping package.
  • Keep the Green. Hardscapes are one portion of a balanced outdoor landscape. Trees, bushes, gardens and bushes should fit in with the hardscapes.

At Aronson Landscape, we offer landscape design, installation, and maintenance for commercial and residential properties. With a decade of experience and dozens of satisfied customers, let Aronson Landscape help you transform your property with landscaping Sacramento residents love.