If you are looking into building an outdoor BBQ or kitchen in Sacramento CA, here are a few things to think about.

On any home project, setting and sticking to a realistic budget should be your top priority. An outdoor kitchen can be a pricey addition to your backyard, but it will ultimately increase the value of your home and elevate your lifestyle. Our team at Aronson Landscape is happy to discuss the budget with you ahead of time. Consider the fact that your gas, electricity, and water bills are also likely to increase with the addition of another kitchen.

Outdoor BBQ installation is possible for most homes, but it’s essential to consider weather conditions and location when planting the seed. If you live somewhere with harsh weather, you’ll want to look into stainless steel appliances and some sort of roofing to protect your new kitchen. You may also want to add outdoor heating, such as a custom fire pit, fans, or pergolas. Location will also play a role in the design and placement of your outdoor BBQ installation, since you’ll want to work around sun, shade, and other external factors.

This new extension will no doubt add value and style to your home, so you don’t want to skip out on picking the best appliances. Upgrading to more expensive materials will pay off in the long run in terms of durability and overall value. You’ll also want to consider which features you want to add a unique element to your kitchen- would you like a teppanyaki grill, a mini wine cellar, or even a full bar? What features will add personality to your custom kitchen? Whatever they may be, Aronson Landscape is ready to help you bring your vision to life!

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