Weeds can be the peskiest household chore to deal with, and it seems there’s no stopping them! Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some secret weapons to combat weeds growing in your driveway paving in Sacramento CA.


Heat: If your weeds can’t take the heat, they’ll be sure to get out of the driveway! We recommend using a heat gun for this method to seep heat into the soil and kill the roots at their source of growth. Using heat will also avoid damaging your nearby garden with chemicals. You may also try pouring boiling water onto the weeds- a friendly and cost-effective method! Just be sure the water soaks into the soil to kill the root. 


Vinegar: White vinegar is the ultimate secret weapon to a clean and tidy home, and your driveway is no exception! Combine 1 liter of white vinegar, 3 large spoons of salt, and 3 large spoons of dish soap, then take to your pavement to spray the weeds away. This deadly mixture will not take pity on your other plants, so be careful to target only your weeds. The dish soap will break down the weeds while the vinegar and salt dry them out, then you can easily remove the weeds without worrying about regrowth. 


Baking Soda: Much like vinegar, baking soda is a household cleaning secret that will work wonders to dry out your weeds and stop them from growing back. Simply apply baking soda directly to the weeds, wait for them to dry out, then easily sweep them away. 


Chemicals: While we don’t recommend harmful weed-killers as a first step, some weeds are stubborn and may need to be treated with stronger chemicals. If this is the case for your weed problem, there are great chemical weed killers designed for pavement that won’t destroy your driveway. 


However you choose to treat your weeds, protect your driveway paving stones with Aronson Landscape in Sacramento CA. We specialize in permeable driveway paving to make your landscape shine!

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