Commercial Landscaping Sacramento, CA

3 Reasons Commercial Landscape Maintenance is Important For Your Business

First impressions are everything. That is why commercial landscaping Sacramento, CA is a crucial component for any business. We can’t avoid “judging a book by it’s cover,” likewise we can’t help but make assumptions about a business based off their external upkeep. Aronson offers affordable commercial landscaping Sacramento, CA so that you do not have to lose customers who turn a blind eye to your outdoor scene.

  1. Curb Appeal: Since people are making conscious and subconscious assumptions about your business based off the exterior, it is important that you maintain the appearance frequently. This will affect the foot traffic your company generates. Characteristics of your business are also revealed in how well your landscape is maintained. Attributes that come from this include how detail oriented you are as well as your organizational practices. In the long term, a maintained landscape will yield economical advantages as people spend more at businesses they regard as good. This includes perceptions of a nice, neat, and well-kept company.

  2. Nature can help with your energy bills: An overlooked benefit of routine lawn maintenance is that it can actually help your energy bills like heating and cooling systems. An example of this is how trees can help shade parts of the building, reducing the need for AC. In fact, it is shown to have lower cooling bills by nearly 25% for some offices. For companies whose buildings experience snow seasons, proper landscaping can be used as a snow barrier and wind blocker to keep the structure warmer during those times of year.

  3. Increased privacy and living areas: A properly maintained landscape can also help with your privacy from other nearby business, warehouses, and public areas. In addition, a well-kept outdoor area makes for a great meeting space to entertain clients or hold company events such as BBQs. The improved air-filtration quality from the surrounding plants and greenery will lead increased productivity for employees.

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