If you have been wanting to look into a custom home landscape for your Sacramento home but are not sure where to start, follow these helpful tips to get you started!


Planning out the specific purposes you want your space to serve is a key step in creating the right custom home landscape. If you want the space to serve as a form of entertainment you may want to consider including a porch, outdoor kitchen or even a pool. 

Consider where the sun hits

Some may not realize how important it is to consider the sun when planning their custom home landscape. Take note of where the sun rises and sets in your yard and watch how much shade is available. This will help you decide which plants will both look and survive best in your space.

Moving Water

Moving water is an elegant touch to any custom home landscape. You may want to include a fountain, a pond, or a waterfall. These will establish a feeling of serenity in your space. It also is a nice way to divide up the space and add in some unique elements.


Thinking about the type of material you want to include in the pathways of your landscaping is another important factor. This could include stones, tiles, concrete etc. Whatever material you choose could have the power to enhance your space and tie all of the elements together.

Contact a professional

Contacting a landscaping professional is a great way to get advice on what would look best in your specific space. They will be able to examine your home area and give you their very best tips and tricks. Here at Aronson Landscape we are more than happy to assist you with any of your landscaping needs! Contact us today to learn more about custom home landscape, commercial landscape maintenance, multifamily landscape installation and commercial landscape installation in Sacramento CA and surrounding areas!