5 Easy Landscaping Ideas for Your Spring Yard

A Structural Plant, Statement Shrubs, Potted Greenery, and Outdoor Artwork

Are you looking to revamp your yard and make it stand out from your neighbors? Look no further! Aronson Landscape is the lead landscaper Sacramento CA, as well as the number one commercial landscape Sacramento CA, and the best Residential Landscaping Company Sacramento CA. Aronson Landscape is here for you in redesigning and landscaping your yard in Northern California. Below are 5 Easy Landscaping Ideas for your spring yard.

A Sculptural Plant

Structural Plants are great for any modern yard as it adds height, drama and quality. An example of a structural plant, and our personal favorite is the snake plant! This plant is absolutely perfect for Residential Landscaping Sacramento CA to make a statement.

A Cascading Ground Cover

Just as sculptural plants can add height, cascading plants add another level of landscaping beauty to your yard. These plants add simple beauty and can fill in the gaps to any commercial landscape Sacramento CA. Silver Falls dichondra (also known as silver ponyfoot) has a silvery blue-green sheen, and it does well in drought-tolerant areas.

Statement Shrubs

Statement Shrubs, like rose bushes, are essential for making your residential landscape stand out. Shrubs add height, texture and variety to your yard. Plus, they can fill in those problem areas, even hiding unsightly features, such as the junk in your neighbors’ yard!

Potted Greenery

With the larger plants in place, you can now focus on icing the cake that is your yard! Potted plants are the perfect choice, as you can use them to fill in any landscaping gaps that your yard may have. Plus, it’s fun to add a few ornamental touches to a well-landscaped yard, and no potted plant is too small to make a statement.

Outdoor Artwork

If your outdoor area needs a little bit of embellishment, consider an ornament or some artwork. A stone garden sphere, a set of interesting wind chimes, or a yard sculpture will get the job done, adding another level of creativity to your landscaping.


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