Winter is finally here and it is the perfect time to work with a landscaping designer Sacramento CA to make sure your landscaping is prepared for the cold months ahead. Follow these tips to ensure your property stays looking great all year long!


Continue to Water

Make sure to keep up with watering this winter. Just because the temperature is colder and there might be more rainy days, watering is still essential maintenance. If watering becomes neglected, it could cause your plants to become weaker and more likely to get diseases. 



The winter weather can be tough on landscape design Sacramento CA, so make sure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs by fertilizing. Fertilizing prior to snow is the best way to ensure the nutrients are making its way into the soil.  


Prevent Salt Damage

Salt and ice from the winter conditions can take a toll on plants and trees. Salt accumulation can cause your plants to react in a way similar to if they were experiencing a drought. In order to prevent this, you can regularly flush out the soil with water. Another way to prevent salt damage to your plants is by moving them away from areas that are likely to have a high level of salt accumulation


Put Down Mulch

Laying mulch is a great way to protect plants from the cold winter temperatures. Applying 3 to 4 inches of mulch after the ground begins to freeze can help your plants survive through the winter weather. 


Winter Plants

There are several plants that will survive best during the winter that you may want to consider planting. Some examples include Baltic Ivy, Blue Spruce and Pansies. Planting these types of plants right before winter will give your garden some extra life and make it look great all year round.


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